Modular Building Blocks offering cost-effective, bespoke solutions for UK warehouses

Modular Building Blocks offering cost-effective, bespoke solutions for UK warehouses

The exclusive agent of the Everblock System, Modular Building Blocks is helping warehouses across the UK maximise productivity with bespoke storage and office space. The reusable blocks offer a cost-effective way of creating adaptable structures for any sized warehouse or industrial building.

A report by the United Kingdom Warehousing Association states that one of the biggest issues facing warehouses is the lack of sufficient space. The warehousing sector has experienced substantial growth in recent years, with more companies looking for effective space-saving solutions. Modular Building Blocks is providing these solutions to warehouses all over the country.

Joe Plosky, director of Modular Building Blocks said “Everblocks have already been used across a wide range of industries like education, retail and interior design. We’re really excited to bring the benefits of modular building blocks to the warehousing sector. We’ve already seen how they can be used to create office space, meeting rooms and storage solutions for warehouses and logistics companies like Amazon. Creating space is a common problem in warehouses and we’re confident we have the solution.”

Everblocks are made from a high-impact co-polymer which makes them ideal for use indoors and outdoors. The robust design of the blocks means they can withstand bumps and scratches while still maintaining their structural integrity. What distinguishes Everblocks from other building solutions is their modularity. They can be built up and deconstructed as many times as required.

The special requirements of a warehouse can change on a daily basis depending on things like stock levels. This makes it difficult to maintain efficiency and warehouse operators are reluctant to invest in expensive permanent structures that may become redundant. Modular building blocks eliminate this problem by providing a versatile building solution that can be adapted to meet daily, weekly and annual requirements.

Everblocks have already proven their worth within the warehousing sector with big companies like Amazon utilising them to create semi-permanent workspaces. The structures can be used during busier periods of the year to help meet high demand and maintain productivity.

Modular Building Blocks currently offers a wide range of building blocks and accessories that are available for purchase or hire. Prices vary depending on the number of items and length rental period.

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