Modular Building Blocks offers cost-effective interior design solutions this spring

Modular Building Blocks offers cost-effective interior design solutions this spring

As property owners and interior designers gear up for spring 2018, Modular Building Blocks is offering cost-effective alternatives to expensive renovation projects. The modular building system can be used to create furniture, storage and semi-permanent structures without the need for contractors or strict licencing permissions.

Spring is one of the most popular times of the year for interior designers, as homeowners and business owners seek to refresh their surroundings by redecorating. Modular Building Blocks is the exclusive agent in the UK for the Everblock system and is bringing the financial and creative benefits to customers this season.

Managing Director at Modular Building Blocks, Joseph Plosky said “We’re excited to bring the magic of Everblocks to customers this spring with a recently updated range of blocks that includes different colours, sizes and accessories. Spring redecorating can be very expensive but we’re proud to offer a cost-effective building solution that has been used to create everything from children’s beds to office space. If you’re looking for unique interior design styles this spring, Everblocks allows you to make your designs a reality.”

Sales of Everblocks have sky-rocketed over the past two years, with customers using the diverse building system across a range of industries. Interior designers have used modular building blocks to aid in the design process and provide more visceral prototypes for clients. However, they are being increasingly used to provide practical and creative solutions in homes and workplaces across the country.

The blocks are made from a high-impact co-polymer and maintain high structural integrity for years. They are available in a range of colours and sizes, making them a versatile choice for designers looking for something different. The range of accessories such as worktop surfaces and shelving plinths allows modular building blocks to be used in all areas of a house or commercial building.

Customers can use modular building blocks to create structures which can be disassembled and re-used countless times. This is a more cost-effective solution to expensive refurbishment projects which often require

planning permission. Storage units, bespoke furniture, seating and room dividers are just some of the uses of modular building blocks within the interior design industry.

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