Modular Building Blocks reveals new ‘self-build’ versatile exhibition stand solution

Modular Building Blocks reveals new ‘self-build’ versatile exhibition stand solution

Modular Building Blocks, a UK supplier of over-sized Lego style bricks from Everblocks, is taking the trade show and events industry by storm thanks to its never-before-seen ‘self-build’ exhibition stand solution. While traditionally marketers are limited to freestanding banner stands or pre-designed shell schemes, the Everblocks bricks from Modular Building Blocks enable businesses to build a stand that suits every environment or booth space they are allocated at any event they attend.

While there are novelty uses for these ‘oversized toys’, these large building blocks can quickly construct a series of stable and eye-catching exhibition spaces creating walls, podiums, display stands and more. With a little creativity, marketers can also instantly draw attention to their stalls by constructing unusual, interactive models, boosting engagement and visibility for their brand.

Joe Plosky, Director, expanded, “When clients are first introduced to these building blocks, they are immediately transported back to childhood and can only think of them as a form of entertainment rather than being a practical tool. However, after a quick demonstration they are instantly sold. By investing in a set of Modular Building Blocks, a business is instantly prepared for any trade show, conference of exhibition they may need to attend

“Whether they have a large space to fill or a tiny booth allocated, these plastic bricks can define and transform it into a branded environment.”

Available in a selection of eye-catching colours, businesses can buy blocks in their corporate scheme or choose neutral tones to make them suitable for a range of applications. Whether a show requires five blocks or 50 to build an exhibition stand, when an initial set is purchased it is an investment that will lead users to event success for years to come.

Plosky added, “The business benefits don’t end at trade shows and conferences – once the show is over, these blocks can be used to enhance the office environment, or in a number of creative team building exercises. Modular Building Blocks are so much more than ‘just a toy’, although they do help corporations meet their goals using a fundamental element of fun!”

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