Modular Light Luggage System a Marvellous Boost for Travellers

Modular Light Luggage System a Marvellous Boost for Travellers

Light travellers are sure to love the new LeanPac® range of luggage just launched by a smart UK executive and holiday bag start-up.

But then, the brains behind the efficient and minimalist-packing concept just happens to be an expert in the field.

Lean process consultant and long-time executive traveller Michelle Leong said: “I know from personal experience that if we don’t pack right the first time round, we never seem to find the time to learn to do it over again.

“The LeanPac® system teaches you how to become a minimal and efficient traveller. Using a structured methodology, together with plenty of tools and techniques, our luggage helps travellers achieve ‘the art of the intelligent laziness.’ What that means is that it’s perfectly possible to get packed the right way first time round without having to compromise on safety and looks.”

The big bonus to learning to pack correctly is, of course, the amount of time and energy that can be saved in the process.

“Personally, I view time as one of the most precious commodities in life,” said Leong. “And I certainly don’t want to waste it rummaging around in my suitcase trying to find items which really I should be able to put my hand on the minute I unzip the bag.”

The LeanPac® range consists of five different travel systems. The most popular is the HangPac toiletry bag thanks to its clever features and flexibility; such as removable pockets and swivelling large metal hook which enables easy access into the bag from all angles.

Others are the VacPac, OrgPac, JamPac® and Trollite. The VacPac is a multi-purpose dry/wet bag in a thin and flexible tarpaulin fabric which can be compressed. It’s perfect for water sports or the beach and has a compartment to keep wet clothes separate.

The OrgPac is a set of medium-sized and slimline travel organiser bags, complete with semi-rigid mesh and piping for durability as well as soft mesh for easy identification.

JamPac® is a collapsible hand luggage holdall with multiple openings for easy access, as well as an extendible gusset. It also comes with an organiser case.

Finally, you won’t find a lighter luggage trolley on the market right now than the extremely nimble and foldable Trollite. Weighing less than 900g it’s a breeze to carry but when in use, stable enough to transport a heavy suitcase.

Find out more about the incredibly efficient and smart-looking LeanPac® modular packing system at the website