Modular Travel Bags the Smart Way of Packing When Destination Hopping

Modular Travel Bags the Smart Way of Packing When Destination Hopping

Globetrotting, particularly amongst Millennials, is commonplace these days.Gap years for pre-university students, combined with the desire – by all generations – to spend on ‘travel and experiences’ rather than ‘materialistic goods,’ means more of us than ever before are heading off to far-flung destinations.

The Association of Independent Tour Operators recently surveyed 25,000 UK travellers and found that people were getting much more active on holiday these days – to the extent wildlife and walking holidays had overtaken beach holidays in popularity. Rail travel, cruises and wellness holidays were also up there amongst the more popular holiday types.

Whether we are travelling by plane, train or automobile though, one thing is for sure – we’re doing an awful lot more packing than we used to.

And that means luggage sales too are going through the roof. One luggage designer who has found a niche in the market for minimalist packing is Michelle Leong of LeanPac®.

She has devised a modular system of travel bags which makes being on the move a breeze. Her five-concept lean luggage system includes a toilet bag which can be hung and swung in all directions and has removable compartments. There is also a lightweight dry/wet bag which can be compressed and has a separate storage unit for wet clothes, and Jampac® – a holdall with plenty of openings for easy access and a separate organiser case.

Leong said: “In our fast-paced and complex world time is incredibly important to all of us so why should we waste such a precious commodity packing and unpacking stuff from our suitcases? Pack them correctly in the first place and we won’t have to spend additional time trying to find misplaced items.

“The key to efficient, minimalist packing is to be organised. And that’s exactly what the LeanPac® system is all about. In fact, I refer to it as a structured methodology with tools and techniques to achieve the art of intelligent laziness.”

The co-ordinating LeanPac® system is affordable and produced from quality materials. Its dark colouring reflects the fact it has been designed to appeal to both males and females.

Leong herself does a lot of travelling for her ‘day job’ as a process consultant so is well aware of the advantages of being able to travel light. Modular packing, she said, helped her organise her own trips abroad better.

See the LeanPac® range of smart, modular luggage aimed at helping you pack in a lean and efficient style at the website