Money saving website challengers Brits to take little known energy facts quiz just in time for Energy Saving Week

Money saving website challengers Brits to take little known energy facts quiz just in time for Energy Saving Week

An online discount and voucher brand is urging the public to find out just how thrifty they are with their energy bills by taking an online quiz to determine what they know about using energy efficiently in the home.

Voucher Slug has launched the quiz, which is full of little known energy facts to help save money, to coincide with Energy Saving Week, a national campaign that raises public awareness of how to reduce energy bills.

The annual event is jointly organised by the Department of Energy and Climate Change, Citizens Advice and Energy Saving Trust and aims to inform the public about switching energy providers or tariffs in order to get a better deal, save money and use less energy.

Money-saving brand Voucher Slug provides a number of discount codes for a variety of retail and leisure outlets, including household names like House of Fraser, Boots, and Thomson Holidays.

Andrew Sloane, from Voucher Slug parent company Digistall GmbH said, “With the cost of living increasing year after year, it’s important for householders to be aware of how they can cut corners and save money where possible. This quiz is a great opportunity for the public to gauge what they know about using energy in a conservative way. It aims to provide them with the information they need to start making changes around the house and seeing a significant increase in the money they have leftover once those dreaded bills have been paid off.”

Those who take the quiz will be asked a series of eight questions on different topics concerning energy efficiency around the home.

The questions are designed to test people’s understanding of how to use appliances like dishwashers and electric heaters in a more efficient way. Participants will then be given a score, rating their commitment to energy saving and offering tips on how to make improvements.

It seems that the quiz couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time, as it has just been announced that British Gas will be raising its electricity prices by a staggering 12.5%.

The price hike will affect people on a standard variable tariff and it is estimated that the changes will collectively set households in the UK back by £235m a year.

Statistics have also shown that there has been a 30% increase in people changing their energy providers this year, with 3.5m users already having switched since the start of the year.

These figures suggest that people are beginning to pay attention to their bills and are choosing to shop around in order to find the best deals, so these energy-savvy individuals may score high on the quiz.

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