Motivational Speaker Launches Book, Supported by Transformational Seminar

Motivational Speaker Launches Book, Supported by Transformational Seminar

Shaks A. Meer may not carry the same weight as Tony Robbins or Eric Thomas just yet, but this emerging motivational speaker is taking the world by storm with his motivational speeches and newly-released inspiring book.

The ex-Senior Operations Manager who was inspired to create his own future after being made redundant and facing an uncertain future with his family, has rapidly become one of the most prominent motivational speakers in the country. Hosting a number of seminars and releasing an inspirational book that draws upon quantum physics, neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, spiritual studies, and Shaks’ personal insights and experiences, he has helped many of his readers realise their potential and reach true happiness.

Speaking about the book, entitled, A Sudden Life Transformation: Discover the Perfect You and live a Joyful Life, Shaks, said, “This book is a product of the state of bliss and peace that suddenly transformed my life. If you believe that you are not living a joyful and fulfilling life, then this book will help you to.

“Focusing on the fact that a joyful life is where you follow your true inner inspirations and love every second of it, it uses the latest research in both neuroscience and psychology to explain how psychological fears, self-doubts, and limitations keep us stuck in unhappy ways of living – and of course provide tips and advice for escaping this circle.”

The book, which explores Shaks’ own feelings of despair, and his ultimate rise to happiness, has received stellar reviews. Currently available on Amazon, the book boasts a 5/5-star rating. Essentially designed as a step-by-step guide to help readers undergo what he calls a ‘sudden transformation’, it paves the way for a more fulfilling and joyful life.

Leaving readers encouraged to make positive changes and set themselves free of the factors that bring them down, the powerful book uses influential language, draws upon real-life experiences, and utilises science to drill home that the environmental factors which are making individuals unhappy can be changed.

Shaks’ seminars are truly inspiring and life changing. Helping everyone unleash the genius hidden inside, something which all the greats in the world experienced at some point in their lives, Shaks guides them to a moment of true self-discovery.

First explaining how human psychological fears hold individuals back, he delves deeper into true liberated identities and how it can be unleashed – all with the aim of helping participants experience this life transformation during the seminar, thus enabling them to live an inspired life. Wholeheartedly delivered, these seminars are unique and have resulted in individuals emerging having discovered their inner powers. But it doesn’t end there; Shaks goes one step further. In a bid to aid these inspired individuals realise their dreams, he follows up with continued support as they begin their journey to their new life.

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