Motor Industry Moving Towards Customer Centric Framework with Launch of Used Car Valued Service

Motor Industry Moving Towards Customer Centric Framework with Launch of Used Car Valued Service

Finding a fair price when trading in used vehicles is a common challenge for consumers that are looking for an upgrade. But now Used Car Valued is shifting the balance in favour of the dealership customer. Providing users with all the information they need on the value of their car, as well as an extensive network of eager buyers, the innovative platform is helping sellers to maximise profit.

Unlike alternatives, Used Car Valued operates independently. The focus on consumers means that the latest platform to hit the market provides valuations and certificates to support the sale and prices listed. Each vehicle can be viewed and bid on by up to 50 reputable buyers, allowing users to achieve higher profits from their car sale. For sellers that aren’t confident in assessing the value themselves, the accurate information provided can give them the confidence to turn down unfair deals and hold out for a bid that meets the top valuation.

Chris Symes, Managing Director of Used Car Valued, said, “Having been in the motor industry for over 20 years, I saw an opportunity to give back to the consumer. Typically, when you trade your vehicle, you only have one person bid on it. But when you choose Used Car Valued, you have an Australia-wide network at your disposal, allowing sellers to increase their margins, potentially by thousands of dollars.

“I was inspired to launch Used Car Valued after seeing dealers laughing about how they had given customers less than what the vehicle was worth over the years. I wanted to create a way to protect the consumer and make them the focus of the industry. Through using the valuations we generate, our customers pocket the money they would have otherwise lost and the dealer still gets a great deal themselves.”

Priced at just $99, Used Car Valued is set to become an invaluable tool for consumers selling vehicles. Each valuation contains multiple price points, reflecting other factors that sellers face, for instance, if they need a quick sale, allowing them to pick the one that best matches their circumstances. Access to an industry expert throughout the process and 24/7 support channels further provides sellers with the industry insights and knowledge they need to make more money whenever they have a vehicle to sell.

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