Moving China Manufacturing to the USA

Moving China Manufacturing to the USA

A Packaging Group (APG) is proud to announce the launch of its North American production of primary packaging at its new 122,000-square-foot facility in Defiance, Ohio. The facility was built explicitly to APG’s manufacturing requirements, allowing the company to output over 500 million pieces per annum. This move is a significant step in APG’s strategy to bring manufacturing operations back to the United States, increase efficiency, and reduce customer lead times.

APG is a leading provider of packaging solutions for the consumer goods industry. The company’s wide range of products includes plastic bottles, jars, closures, and customized packaging solutions. The company is headquartered in California and serves customers worldwide. APG’s new facility in Defiance, Ohio, represents a significant investment in the company’s future and the local economy.

Hannah Palese, the company spokesperson, says, “The move to Defiance, Ohio is a major step forward for APG and the community. The new facility will provide jobs and opportunities for the residents of Defiance and the surrounding areas. The facility is expected to be a major contributor to the local economy and will help to establish Defiance as a center for advanced manufacturing and packaging solutions”.

The new facility is equipped with automated assembly lines and high-performance machinery, ensuring that APG can keep up with the ever-increasing demand for packaging solutions. The site will also feature line cell production models that can accommodate high volume/low mix SKUs and low volume/high mix SKUs, giving APG the flexibility to provide short lead times to customers.

One of the key benefits of establishing this North America-based manufacturing operation is the ability to better control the quality of the products being produced. By manufacturing products domestically, APG can ensure that every item meets the highest quality and safety standards. The new facility in Defiance will allow APG to do just that.

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