Rise in consumer use of at-home haircare suggests growing demand for affordable products and treatments

Research suggests that the average woman now spends around of £571 per year on haircare products. Top haircare distributor M&R Ventures welcomes this news, as it represents new opportunities to show consumers how to attain salon-like results in the comfort of their own homes.

The team at M&R Ventures has been working with the very best in haircare brands for over 15 years, providing them with an in-depth knowledge of how to provide for the changing needs of haircare consumers. M&R Ventures have always been pioneers in their field, driving the success of Hairfinity hair growth supplements within the UK, and providing ample opportunity for Afro cosmetics brands such as Keracare, Affirm and Design Essentials to see market growth. They have long been champions of natural ingredients and organic haircare, which have both since become key tenements of success in the ever-changing haircare industry.

With lots of affordable haircare options available, M&R Ventures are committed to supporting brands worldwide through launches and research as well as distribution. They are able to not only identify demand at an early stage, but also to provide the perfect products to meet it.

The reasons for this shift towards at-home haircare amongst the buying public is representative of many things, including a greater awareness of home-based methods of haircare maintenance and a desire to obtain greater value when making beauty purchases.

A growing demand for at-home haircare is great news for haircare brands, as it provides ample opportunity to give customers advice and guidance on providing the best possible results at home. M&R Ventures provide the highest quality haircare products on the market without the need for an exorbitant price tag, lending a greater appeal to those seeking to add a DIY element to their haircare regime.

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