Much Loved Children’s Book Character Inca the Cat Returns for Another Thrilling Adventure

Much Loved Children’s Book Character Inca the Cat Returns for Another Thrilling Adventure

The team of lovable cat detectives that have captured the hearts of children and adults alike in the Inca Book Series are returning for their fifth fast-paced adventure. Combining creative stories, beautifully written exploits, and adorable illustrations, Diary of a Snoopy Cat is set to be another hit, delivering everything fans of the series have eagerly been waiting for.

Written by children’s author R. F. Kristi, Inca the Siberian kitty has some unusual talents and a skill for solving fiendishly difficult cases. The latest addition to the acclaimed series has the blend of intrigue, action, and humour that fans of the books adore. Whether it’s the first in the series that they pick up or they’ve read their way through the other adventures, children are sure to love getting involved in the next Inca detective case. After moving from London to Paris, Inca the cat sets herself the challenge of becoming the world’s best cat detective, keeping a diary of the hilarious antics that follow for readers to delve into.

Kristi said, “Inca the detective cat is back to take children on another gripping adventure to crack a case. With favourite characters returning and new faces making an appearance, it’s the perfect bedtime or reading story to keep little ones entertained and eagerly turning the next page. Whether children are learning to read alone or are snuggling up with an adult to read, Diary of a Snoopy Cat will keep them intrigued right until the last page.”

The first in the Inca Book Series, The Cats Who Cross Over from Paris, was published in 2016 but quickly built up a loyal fanbase. Securing a silver medal in the Wishing Shelf Awards, where books are read and judged by children across the UK, further proved that Inca was a winning character. Three additional titles quickly followed – Christmas Cats, Cats in Provence, and Ninja Spy Cats – leading to the establishment of the popular book series. Designed so children can pick up any book in the series and immediately explore the story, they’re the perfect Christmas gift this year. The endearing animals, captivating storytelling, and Kristi’s talent for blending suspense and humour means the Inca Book Series will quickly become a family favourite.

To celebrate the launch of Diary of a Snoopy Cat, Kristi is giving subscribers of the Inca Book Series website the chance to win a free book and gift certificates worth $50.

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