Multidisciplinary LGBTQ Artist Receives Global Support Following Claims of Corporate Bullying

Multidisciplinary LGBTQ Artist Receives Global Support Following Claims of Corporate Bullying

Talented multi-disciplinary artist, LGBTQ business owner and independent perfumier, Kalliope Amorphous has received a global outpouring of support after being subjected to a cease-and-desist letter ordering the closure of her art studio by multimillion-dollar French luxury crystal company, Baccarat. It has pledged to stop Amorphous’s bid to trademark her company name, Black Baccara after more than a decade in business and ordered her to take down her website, abandon her domain name, withdraw her trademark application, and change her company name.

Kalliope’s application for a federal trademark was made to prevent her designs from being copied by rivals and protect her livelihood. Instead, she has found herself embroiled in international legal action but has vowed to fight back against the corporate behemoth to protect her small business, saying that there is no confusion between her unique, witchy, atmospheric, nostalgia-heavy perfumes and the French crystal firm, known for its tableware, barware, decorations and lighting products.

A petition set up to demand that Baccarat removes its objection to Black Baccara’s federal trademark and backs down from its ultimatum to close the one-person business has already attracted more than 27,000 signatures from individuals around the world. A GoFundMe fundraiser to help with legal feels to challenge the ultimatum has received similar support, with hundreds of donations pouring in.

Ms Amorphous said, “This is nothing more than corporate bullying against a small, women-owned, minority owned LGBTQ business.  I have been making handmade artisan perfumes, handmade jewelry, and other creative things under my small business Black Baccara since 2010 but Baccarat wants to destroy me and is drowning me in legal fees to try and stop me from keeping my small business afloat.

“Nobody is confusing my work as an individual artist with a multimillion-dollar luxury brand. They are asking me to dismantle almost twelve years of hard work and creative output, abandon my wonderful customers from all over the world, and disappear. I will not be bullied.

“I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart who has shown me support so far. Even if you can’t contribute, sharing and amplifying what is happening means a lot. The wealthy elite and corporate behemoths should know that it is not okay to try and bully artists and small businesses.”

Kalliope’s legal fees have already topped $8,000 and she faces a huge bill moving forwards to stay in business.

Patent attorney Gwen Acker Wood, Ph.D. Esq., who is attorney representing Black Baccara said, “They’re very vindictive. We tried over and over and over again to come to an amicable agreement where we were going to actually abandon the application and all we asked is that they leave Kalliope alone so she could just continue on with her business. At this point she almost doesn’t even want the registration, she just wants to be left alone, and they would not agree to leave her alone.”

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