myDOQ pre-launch sign-ups soar ahead of Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign

myDOQ pre-launch sign-ups soar ahead of Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign

Offering an early bird 40% discount, over 8,000 savvy supporters have already pre- registered their interest in myDOQ; the world’s first interchangeable smart modular plug socket system.

London March 2020: With smart technology enhancing modern living by offering improved ease, convenience and functionality, the electric plug socket remains outdated and inflexible, until now!

myDOQ powers and charges appliances and devices unlike anything seen before, thanks to its interchangeable front modules that can be simply and quickly swapped. This ground-breaking concept provides flexible and energy efficient solutions for all current and future electrical needs.

For added convenience myDOQ will sync with Alexa and Google Home and accessed via the myDOQ app, programmable charging times can be set, which saves on energy usage and prevents the excessive charging of devices, which reduces the fire risk caused from overheating of devices left on charge.

myDOQ operates two systems; the wall socket version ideal for homeowners who are able to replace their existing sockets and a 4-way extension lead perfect for both renters / house sharers and those who prefer even greater flexibility.

There are several front modules being launched at this initial phase, Universal US & UK pin modules, 2x retractable charging modules and a wireless charging module with adjustable cradle.

“I’m delighted by the initial response that we have received”, said Neil Rosen, Founder and CEO of Lansdowne Technology, the makers of myDOQ, “we are inundated with correspondence from people informing us of their frustrating experiences with their current plug socket systems and we look forward to making every day modern living easier for everyone”.

The Indiegogo campaign officially kicks off on the 31st March 2020.

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