Mymanu Set to Showcase Ground Breaking, Technological Advanced Wireless Earbuds at CES 2018

Mymanu Set to Showcase Ground Breaking, Technological Advanced Wireless Earbuds at CES 2018

The revolutionary Mymanu Clik + is set to make an impact at CES 2018, marking itself as one of the most innovative consumer technologies hitting the market.  At last year’s exhibition attendees were treated to the concept of Mymanu Clik +, which went down a storm. This year’s delegates will be among the first to try the truly wireless earbuds that come with a cutting edge live translation feature combined with pristine sound quality that the brand has become known for.

Set to go into full manufacturing in early 2018, Mymanu Clik + aims to break down language barriers. The initial production comes with capabilities to translate an incredible 37 different languages and is an industry first. Integrating seamlessly with other popular pieces of technology, users of the intelligent tech will be amazed at how they can converse with people from around the world simply by using the earphones. The highly anticipated development of Mymanu Clik +, combined with its own proprietary translation app enabling group conversation, is set to streamline international conference calls on an unprecedented scale.

On top of the high-tech translation features, Mymanu Clik + incorporates capabilities and quality that the innovative brand has become known for. Using the latest technology, the wireless earbud delivers high quality sound, working effortlessly with both Apple and Android mobile devices for a smart device that provides numerous solutions. Meticulously designed, the earbuds are slick, on trend, and comfortable, appealing to a huge range of consumers. Coming with 2 BA drivers and multiple microphones, the Mymanu Clik + device promises to provide the highest quality of voice recognition for ease of use and accuracy every time it’s used.

Danny Manu, CEO and Founder of Mymanu, said, “We’re incredibly proud to be the first and only company in the world to develop and demonstrate language recognising and translating in-ear earphones with highest sound quality. When we first started developing this incredible product, back in 2012, our dream was to make language barriers a thing of the past – we’re now well on the way to achieving that goal. We’ll be introducing our pioneering earbuds at CES 2018 and can’t wait to hear feedback from how people envision deploying them.” As well as Mymanu Clik +, the

innovative brand will be showcasing GABBY, a unique, omni-directional, and voice controlled speaker that sticks to any surface at CES 2018. Using adhesive technology, the waterproof speakers are a versatile option that doesn’t compromise on sound quality, a combination that’s expected to attract crowds at the prestigious CES 2018 event. GABBY has also been nominated for a CES Innovation Award. The solution driven technology that Mymanu has created in Mymanu Clik + is now available to pre-order at the CES event and directly through the brand’s website.

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