MyRealGames Adds ‘Parkour GO’ to Growing List of Adrenaline Pumping Titles

MyRealGames Adds ‘Parkour GO’ to Growing List of Adrenaline Pumping Titles

Adrenaline junkies are known for their fast-paced lifestyle, seemingly free from fear as they take part in dangerous extreme sports and other activities. Gaming website MyRealGames provides an alternative for more cautious adrenaline addicts, adding Parkour GO to its growing selection of exciting online titles that leave players breathless with every click.

Parkour, or ‘free running’ first became popular in the late 1990’s, gaining traction as awe-inspiring viral videos of parkour practitioners were released in the 2000’s and beyond. Quickly becoming more than just a product of street culture, Parkour is now recognized as a sport in the UK, with this trend sure to spread worldwide. Players across the world can enjoy a slice of this urban running, climbing and jumping action with Parkour GO – a new, downloadable title available at foremost entertainment platform, MyRealGames.

Nikolai Veselov from commented, “To the outsider, Parkour looks very impressive, with experts seamlessly using city structures to catapult themselves through urban terrain. However, jumping from skyscrapers or flipping from railings can seem scary for those with no experience, leaving them to only admire from afar. Parkour GO gives these players the opportunity to experience the same adrenaline rush, using inspirational music and breathtaking scenery to mimic what skilled free-runners may feel.”

Parkour GO joins a diverse selection of energy-fueled games hosted on the platform. Titles such as Monster Truck Challenge and Nitro Racers, two of over 30 racing games, satisfy those with a need for speed, featuring dynamic driving environments and wheels ranging from classic cars to monstrous quad bikes to choose from.

Alternatively, titles such as Last Touchdown and Volleyball Fight offer an extreme take on familiar sports, using the virtual playing field to put players in dangerous yet stimulating situations, with all gameplay kept safely behind a screen!

MyRealGames prides itself on providing premium quality games to its players, regularly updating its online platform with leading titles each week. Keep up to date with its variety of adrenaline pumping games online at


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