MyRealGames alleviates hardware load with careful selection of PC-friendly games

MyRealGames alleviates hardware load with careful selection of PC-friendly games

Top free games website, My Real Games is helping gamers keep their cool this summer with a vast library of free to play downloadable and online games that don’t require expensive graphics components or high-end PCs to run. The hardware-friendly titles are much less demanding than big blockbuster games, which means that players won’t need to spend huge amounts of money on expensive equipment or see their computers overheating in the summer months.

The rise of PC gaming over the last decade means there are now more PC retailers and brands releasing expensive components and accessories than ever before. Nikolai Veselov from said, “The popularity and high profile of the high-end PC gaming community has led many people to believe they have to spend a lot of money on computers if they want to play PC games. That is not the case and we have made a point of offering a huge range of great games that don’t require thousands of pounds worth of equipment to run.”

The PC downloadable titles from are carefully chosen for their minimal system requirements, which means they can be played on most PCs or laptops, despite their age or value. Players can choose from a wide variety of genres, including car racing, strategy, hidden object and time management.

Even some of the more graphically intensive game titles on the My Real Games website are still playable on most computers. The action shooting game ‘Alien Shooter 2’ only requires 512mb of RAM, 1.7 GHz processing speed and can be played on a variety of Windows versions, as far back as XP. This means that gamers using a PC or laptop made in the last 16 years should have no problem locking and loading to defend earth from invaders from other planets. gives detailed instructions for downloading and installing games, so inexperienced computer users can still enjoy gaming with ease. All of titles are free to play with options for PC downloads, online and mobile devices.

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