leads the way with a growing selection of free racing games leads the way with a growing selection of free racing games is leaving the competition in the dust this summer with its huge library of free-to-play racing games. The popular games website offers hundreds of downloadable and online titles that have taken the racing scene by storm. Gamers can hit the accelerator pedal this summer and race their way to the finish line with high-octane titles like ‘Street Racing Hero’, ‘Super Bike Racers’ and ‘Nitro Racers’.

Nikolai Veselov from MyRealGames said, “The street racing scene has blown up in recent years because of films like Fast and Furious. Fans of the action film franchise want to experience the thrill of racing through cities and across landscapes on an impossible mission, which is why our driving games have become a lot more popular. We’ve been updating our library of car games regularly to give gamers the type of fun, action-packed racing games they love.”

Sales of high-end simulation driving games have declined in recent years, likely due to their high price and serious nature. is taking players back to the roots of adrenaline-pumping driving games with its unrivalled selection. Free-to-play titles like ‘Offroad Racers’ and ‘Nuclear Bike’ give gamers the fast-paced fun they want, without the need for intense concentration or expensive computer equipment.

The library of fully licenced racing games at puts players in the driving seat with mind-blowing action. The full-length games are set in various locations including city streets, race tracks, woodlands and zombie infested wastelands. The integration of action, horror and sci-fi into the racing games gives players a unique gaming experience sure to get hearts racing and adrenalin pumping.

Gamers looking to burn rubber can put the pedal to the metal in cars, quads, bikes and even tanks by heading to the ‘car’ section of The games are available on PC and mobile devices for download or online play.

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