MyRealGames Gets Into Swashbuckling Sprit With Pirate Adventure Titles

MyRealGames Gets Into Swashbuckling Sprit With Pirate Adventure Titles

There’s no character quite as compelling for kids as the sea-loving pirate, and this summer the word’s most loved buccaneer, Captain Jack Sparrow, is set to return to movie theatres once more as the latest Pirates Of The Caribbean adventure, ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’ is released. To prepare for the treasure-fueled treachery, MyRealGames highlights its selection of swashbuckling games, free to enjoy on PC, smartphone or tablet.

There’s nothing any shipmate loves more than discovering new land and in Royal Envoy 3, players sail the seas in the grand HMS Islandshire to explore the hidden depths of the South Ocean. With cries of ‘land ahoy’, the game presents an exciting expedition, filled with puzzles and treasure aplenty. While this is the latest in a long line of historic ship-sailing titles, exploring the original Royal Envoy game gives users the chance to immerse themselves in the captivating storyline, continued throughout the series.

Nikolai Veselov from commented, “The world is set to go potty for pirates this summer with Disney’s latest Pirates Of The Caribbean film soon to be released. Here at MyRealGames our pirate inspired titles are already popular, with players regularly returning to the platform to sail the seven seas. We expect many more to join in on these virtual, nautical adventures this May, and ensure that our portfolio of games is ready to meet these desert-island demands.”

Each Pirates Of The Caribbean movie is filled with magic and mystery, captured perfectly in Fairy Island. Transporting players to the enchanted, dreamlike haven, pirates soon invade Fairy Island and put its magical inhabitants at risk. Now trapped inside crystals, gamers must clear the stones on the ‘match 3’ style board to set the charming fairies free.

Beyond the magic, every pirate’s ultimate goal is to find treasure. This never comes easily, needing to use logic and strategy to locate each hidden fortune. Mahjong Gold replicates the challenges faced at sea with a fun-filled take on the classic Mahjong game. Players must solve this puzzle adventure, with 120 levels to explore, in order to retrieve Long John Silver’s stash of gold.

In Pirate Bay, gamers must protect their treasure from pirates who strike by sea and air, with nothing more than a cannon and gun powder to protect their haul.

Although My Real Games is as excited as its customers are about the release of ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’, it should be noted that there is no professional partnership, collaboration, affiliation or endorsement between the gaming platform or its representatives and the film.

Kids and grown ups looking to join in on the swashbuckling spirit can browse the full range of pirate inspired titles at