MyRealGames gives parents boredom busting tips to keep kids entertained this Easter

MyRealGames gives parents boredom busting tips to keep kids entertained this Easter

Although kids eagerly count down the days until their next term-time break, parents often wait with bated breath. They know that the longer the break is, the more activities they must plan to keep their children entertained, which is not always an easy task. To prepare for this year’s Easter Holidays, from 8th – 28th April, global gaming website, MyRealGames offers up it expert advice to help parents keep boredom at bay.

Nikolai Veselov from expanded, “Easter is a fun time for children, especially with all the chocolate available! However, as well as indulging in sugary treats, it is important to ensure they stay active. Planning an Easter egg hunt around your garden can give children hours of fun, knowing they have a tasty surprise at the end. To boost the physical activity further, why not include ‘mini quests’ at various stages of the hunt, not allowing them to move to the next clue until they have done 10 chicken flaps, 5 bunny hops or something just as silly that will get them moving more!”

MyRealGames is a global online gaming platform, loved by its users for its family friendly approach. It welcomes players of all ages, creating a safe, free to play environment. It offers premium entertainment without any ads, spyware, in-app purchases or risky chatrooms.

Nikolai Veselov from continued, “Of course, planning an outdoors activity such as an Easter egg hunt relies on good weather – something that is never guaranteed in the UK. If the sky is grey, or if your young ones are worn out from a day of jumping like a rabbit, heading to MyRealGames can keep them amused while they rest their feet and tuck in to those hard earned eggs!”

With an assortment of genres ranging from fast-paced arcade to slow and considered hidden object titles, every visit to the premium entertainment website will offer up a new and exciting game to be enjoyed.

MyRealGames constantly updates its website with the latest action-packed titles, and this Easter it has a whole host of themed seasonal games to celebrate. Animal lovers will be amused for hours with Big Farm. This strategic, time management game is filled with chicks, rabbits and a whole host of other cute, furry creatures that are synonymous with the start of the spring season. Players can meet Mr Rabbit in word-teaser title, Jabber while White Rabbit, perhaps the most well-known rabbit of them all, joins Alice, the Mad Hatter the Queen of Hearts and more for a logic based adventure in Alice in Wonderland: Extended Edition. Whether kids prefer farm yard animals or mysterious creatures, MyRealGames provides the low-cost solution to keep kids happy this Easter.

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