MyRealGames Reveals Browser-ready Mobile Games For Players With Low Storage Space

MyRealGames Reveals Browser-ready Mobile Games For Players With Low Storage Space

As the world is reliant on useful apps for tasks such as banking, directions, ordering taxis and more, smartphone storage space can quickly get filled with these essential tools. Although popular, this often leaves no room for boredom-busting entertainment apps. MyRealGames, the leading online and mobile gaming platform, has hundreds of mobile-ready games to play in an internet browser, providing a portable fix of fun without the need to install them on any device.

MyRealGames is a global gaming destination, constantly developing to meet the demands of its varied customer base. Listening to its users, the website has streamlined its mobile compatibility, enabling players to enjoy many of its titles on a smaller screen without sacrificing the gameplay that would be experienced on a desktop or laptop device.

Nikolai Veselov from free gaming website commented, “Just 10 years ago, apps were something of a novelty but now they are integral to our digital lives. With many utilitarian apps such for things such as mapping, time planning and fitness now being created and widely adopted, vital virtual storage space can quickly get filled. Even if there is room to download a gaming app, many users who switch from game to game won’t want such a permanent installation of any title on their device.

“We have a dedicated mobile version of our website and on here, any game can be played in the browser in an instant, solving this dilemma.”

MyRealGames has eight genres to choose from including action, arcade, puzzle, match 3, sport and more, with an option to download its titles as an app if the user desires. But for those ‘pick up and play’ occasions, there are hundreds of addictive games to play, keeping boredom at bay.

Players can swap between the fast paced shooters such as Aliens Attack, Farm Invaders and Cannons And Soldiers, to perplexing puzzles with Fancy Constructor, Jelly Hunt and Blackbeard’s Island on offer. Match 3 is packed with exhilarating games such a Pop Pop Rush while the racing category is filled with titles such as Dangerous Dan, Pigeon Bomber and Roadway Wreck to keep even the speediest gamers satisfied.

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