Natural Skincare Brand Shows Organic Olive Oil Isn’t Just for the Kitchen This Summer

Natural Skincare Brand Shows Organic Olive Oil Isn’t Just for the Kitchen This Summer

Silky, rich and luxurious, organic olive oil is a staple in many kitchens – with Greek olive oil being a favourite choice. Now, one Greek skincare brand is on a mission to show Britons how the store cupboard staple can also be a beauty hero with an indulgent collection of thick, luscious body butters, hand and foot creams which all feature organic, high grade Cretan olive oil.

APHRODITE, based on the beautiful island of Crete, maintains its own olive groves, and presses each glossy little fruit to add a dose of magical Greek sunshine into its full range of cosmetics, body care, sun care and hair care products.

“Known as liquid gold, the Ancient Greeks used olive oil to care for their skin and hair for centuries,” explains Maria Zacharioudaki, APHRODITE CEO. “Its composition is very similar to human skin and it’s packed with natural  triglycerides, vitamins and minerals. It imbues essential fatty acids, softens and soothes, neutralises the free radicals that can cause premature aging and fortifies the skin’s own moisture barrier. It really is the secret to naturally glowing, healthy skin and an ingredient that we have been using in our skincare products since the 1990s.”

Ultra-rich and incredibly hydrating, APHRODITE’s olive oil infused body butters are available in a range of scents, including comforting almond and honey, fruity argan and pomegranate, and sweet cocoa butter and vanilla. Creamy, silky, and exceptionally nourishing, each body butter transforms even the driest of summer skin to leave it feeling soft and supple, with long-lasting comfort and a naturally healthy glow.

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