Neacsu Denner’s Booming Sales Portfolio Proves Vancouver Luxury Real Estate Market Still Appealing

Neacsu Denner’s Booming Sales Portfolio Proves Vancouver Luxury Real Estate Market Still Appealing

The results achieved by leading Vancouver real estate firm Neacsu Denner prove that the luxury market is burgeoning in the metropolitan city. The business’ portfolio is defying gloomy predictions of the housing market with its dedicated focus and honed skills that have led to lucky buyers snapping up beautiful properties across the city from Downtown to North Vancouver.

Nick Neacsu, President of Neacsu Denner, said, “While the outlook for the property market in Canada as a whole hasn’t been positive for sellers, we’ve proven that with the right approach and expertise in place, it’s possible to attract eager buyers, from modern new builds in the heart of the city to stunning family homes that benefit from plenty of space. Luxury real estate is a key trend in Vancouver this year, building on record high figures last year.

“Technology is also playing an important role in how properties are being sold. Through combining tech and luxury, we help our clients to achieve the prices they’re after.”

Neacsu Denner takes the view that selling any property and achieving the maximum value is a fine art. Using technology to deliver dynamic video tours, clear, professional floorplans, and high definition aerial photography, the real estate firm not only appeals to locals looking to purchase a new property but an international audience too through immersive materials. The result is sellers having access to a greater market. Combined with effective marketing strategies, both traditional and digital, as well as a 24/7 work ethic that allows potential buyers to view properties on evenings and weekends, Neacsu Denner delivers real value and professionalism to all its customers. It’s this approach that’s led to it building a stellar reputation and fast-growing sales portfolio.

Neacsu added, “We’ve proven that our approach to marketing and selling property in Vancouver works. Moving forward, we’re looking forward to working with a range of clients seeking support in selling their luxury property, from extensive, modern apartments to traditional homes perfect for growing families.”

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