After a near death car accident in LA, Aussie singing sensation Cole Phoenix releases new single and confirms upcoming EP

After a near death car accident in LA, Aussie singing sensation Cole Phoenix releases new single and confirms upcoming EP

Following the recent release of “Diamond” Cole Phoenix’s songwriting has taken on a new turn, reflecting deep life values. The singer showcases this in her new single, Endless Love, which is out today and offers another exciting peek into her highly anticipated EP which will launch later this year.

‘Endless Love’ is Cole’s uplifting take on the classic feel good EDM love ballads. The empowering single blends her endearing angelic style with just a touch of Kygo-esque level production, creating a comforting familiarity with the 2019 massively successful posthumous release of Whitney Houston’s ‘Higher Love’.

Along with ‘Diamond’ and the latest four as yet unannounced singles on the 2020 EP, ‘Endless Love’ was recorded in Bryan Adams’ studio in Vancouver with the help of Vocal Engineer Alex Krotz, who has worked with the likes of Shawn Mendes, The Weeknd, Three Days Grace, Billy Talent and Drake.

The lyrics were penned by Cole Phoenix, with music and melody by Cole Phoenix and Guy Gabriel. The record was produced, mixed and mastered by Guy Gabriel renowned in the US who has released music under Universal Music, Sony Music, Ultra, Armada, and Astralwerks labels.

“Endless Love is about getting through tough times together as one because endless love is strong enough to endure whatever the world puts you through,” she says. “That positive message is powerful now with what we are all facing around the world – but it’s also a timeless message on how we can overcome any challenge – with true, endless love. A love that doesn’t stop when it confronts life’s setbacks – it strengthens.

“Each of the songs on my upcoming EP will be vastly different, but there is one theme that blasts throughout and that’s empowerment. This EP is about creating and cultivating your inner strength to achieve your life goals, which I’m continually seeking to do after a near scrape with death. Endless Love celebrates and cherishes our universal connection, a nod to (and a bob to) the power of love. Ultimately “we will always be one” – to quote the lyrics I wrote! Our love for each other is transformational, transcendental and yes, endless.”

Positivity, endurance and empowerment are key themes expected to run throughout the upcoming EP, with Cole recording the latest tracks following a serious car accident in the well known Coldwater Canyon just below Justin Bieber’s mansion. Using music to pave the path to recovery, she cites the event as a pivotal moment in her music career, using it to drive her to the next level. Feeling ‘very grateful and incredibly lucky to survive’, many of Cole’s musical contributions have been written to uplift others through EDM, po, and soul.

The new single ‘Endless Love’ is expected to be one of Cole’s biggest hits to date, but the talented artist is certainly no stranger to global success. Nominated alongside the likes of Sam Smith, Iggy Azalea, and Meghan Trainor in the New Music Awards in the USA, the Australian sensation has been twice crowned semi-finalist at the International Songwriting Competition and reached the No1. spot on Top 40 Internet with her release UFO as well as charting in San Diego with HELLO.

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