Neckstar Offers Tips for Managing Chronic Pain

Neckstar Offers Tips for Managing Chronic Pain

It’s estimated that long-term pain affects up to 28 million people in the UK alone. Spinal and neck pain experts, NeckStar knows only too well the debilitating effect of managing chronic pain and has pooled its expertise to offer a series of tips to promote healthier, happier lifestyles.

NeckStar, which has launched a patented and unique gadget for relieving back and neck pain, notes the important role of exercise in managing chronic pain. Through strengthening muscles and increasing flexibility, certain exercises can gradually begin to alleviate the pain being experienced by chronic suffers. Exercise can also help to reduce the risk of injuries occurring that may lead to pressure unnecessarily being placed on the delicate muscles found in the back and neck.

Mario P, CEO of NecSstar, said “Of course, underlying issues may need to be addressed before an exercise routine is started but it’s an extremely effective way to manage chronic pain. Swimming and exercises that involve stretching, such as yoga, are perfect examples of fitness that can be worked into every day routines. By incorporating elements of exercise, those that find chronic pain limits their motion can really benefit over time.”

NeckStar’s second tip focuses on relaxation techniques. In some case, chronic back pain can be caused or exasperated by stress and tension within the muscles. Cognitive therapy and relaxation techniques can have a surprising effect on chronic pain. The mind plays an important role in chronic pain, a fact that’s been noted through research, and developing coping strategies can not only empower those suffering but reduce the pain they’re experiencing too.

NeckStar has been designed to offer a simple yet effective way to relieve pressure on the nerves within the neck and back. The innovative headrest can be used in a range of exercises to strengthen muscles, perfectly complementing an exercise and relaxation program. Through straightening the spine and taking strain off the nerve pathways in the back, NeckStar delivers instant relief and can provide long-lasting results with prolonged use.

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