Is negative media coverage damaging the reputation of the care industry in the UK?

Is negative media coverage damaging the reputation of the care industry in the UK?

As more stories circulate weekly about the turmoil that the care industry is facing, research has revealed that public confidence in the care sector is being damaged negatively.

At a time when financial concerns are paramount and growing pressures are resulting in more cash injections being needed in certain areas of the  care sector, the need for public backing is important, but it seems that the constant bombardment of stories in the media about abuse and poor standards in care settings is doing little to inspire support.

A survey that was carried out by Care Protect found that 85% of the participants that were questioned were concerned about the number of negative media stories about the care industry.

Novacare | recruit offers care providers and hospitals a cloud-based online tool that helps to streamline the recruitment process and makes finding high-quality candidates easy for understaffed providers. They are concerned that negative media stories could also be deterring people from applying for jobs within care sector.

Stephen Wilson, Director of novacare | recruit said: “At a time when staffing issues are more of a concern than ever, care providers need to be doing everything that they can to employ the best candidates who possess the relevant experience and can take on the challenge of an increasing workload thanks to the growing life expectancy of the population.

“Unfortunately, 76% of respondents that took part in the Care Protect survey felt that there was not enough being done to protect the safety and welfare of residents within care homes.

“More robust training will help, but it’s necessary for the media to convey some positive stories about care homes and providers. This will not only help to inspire support from the public, it will also mean that recruiting for care positions will be easier.”

Novacare | recruit incorporates a recruitment management system that makes reference checking quick and simple, ensuring that high-quality candidates are always sourced. The cloud-based solution also boasts a number of other superior features that will benefit both employers and jobseekers.

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