Experts in the field of high-tech, accessible skincare, Neo Elegance have offered their guidance on treating cystic acne without turning to chemical-laden treatments.

Cystic acne is a pervasive and often troubling condition which can strike at almost any age, and is most commonly found on the face. This acne is much worse than most skin complains, representing the most severe type of acne. The result is inflamed cysts, appearing on the skin due to built up oil and dead skin cells in pores and hair follicles. For sufferers, this can not only be painful but embarrassing and difficult to treat, particularly when it continues into adulthood.

Often caused by a hormonal imbalance in women, many skincare specialists and physicians recommend topical creams and medical treatments, but these have been found to offer only short-term relief or have some very unpleasant side effects.

One of the more effective treatments includes carefully assessing diet and opting for foods rich in zinc, probiotics and Vitamin A, all of which have trusted and time-tested skin-loving properties. Rest and relaxation have also been shown to help balance hormones and promote great skin, alongside a healthy exercise regime to help the body’s lymphatic system provide a natural detox. However, the experts at Neo Elegance suggest an even more proactive approach, by advising cystic acne sufferers to take a closer look at their skincare regime and make the necessary adjustments to bring about long-term relief and impressive results.

Whilst turning to the latest topical cream might be tempting, Neo Elegance suggests that instead, technology should be harnessed as a way to treat problem skin at source. The brand’s Neo Skin Rejuvenator Device uses the latest in light therapy to treat existing breakouts and help prevent further ones. The treatment itself has previously only been available in high-end salons, but thanks to Neo Elegance, it’s now within easy reach at home. Fully portable and ergonomically-designed, the device offers four skin-loving technologies; ultrasound, LED therapy, massage and galvanic – reducing spots and even the most pernicious cystic acne breakouts as soon as they strike.

For sufferers seeking a long-lasting and truly effective way to treat breakouts, this new tech represents a real breakthrough.

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