New Affordable, Accredited Courses Opens Up Lucrative Financial Market to Newcomers

New Affordable, Accredited Courses Opens Up Lucrative Financial Market to Newcomers

The financial market offers numerous opportunities for those looking to make a profit and the launch of the first fully accredited courses outside of London is giving more people a chance to hone their skills. Delivering high quality education, GeckoFX connects professional, experienced traders with those keen to learn more about the market and develop existing talents, whether they already work in the fast-paced industry or not.

Hundreds of thousands of people in the UK already trade on the market each day and, recognising the return potential, more investors are joining the number every year. Through delivering courses that combine exceptional teaching with affordability, GeckoFX is opening the market to even more newcomers, giving them the vital expertise and techniques they need to succeed. The range of seminars and masterclasses available, as well as 1-2-1 mentoring, allows each GeckoFX customer to identify the areas they want to focus on. The business is providing the ideal solution for investors eager to generate profit from their own cash and those that want to build a career within the competitive financial trading sector.

Christian Evans, Founder of GeckoFX, said, “Professional traders come in all shapes and sizes and can earn upwards of six figures a year if they’re savvy. But there are some fundamental elements every trader needs to know and this is where GeckoFX fills a vital gap in the market. Usually courses cost thousands of pounds but our competitive options enable anyone with an interest in the financial market to start building their knowledge, whether they’re starting from scratch or are already working in the sector. We unlock earning potential and allow our students to secure their financial future.”

All GeckoFX courses are fully CPD accredited and delivered by professionals backed by years of experience in the financial industry. Evans himself has worked in some of the leading trading houses and largest asset managers in the UK, including Hargreaves Lansdown. Evans has already built up a positive reputation within the investment sector. His investment fund Sanktuary Investments took a revolutionary approach that’s already proved popular. As the UK’s first fund with a 0% management fee for investors, it offers an attractive proposition and quickly establishes trust. In less than 12 months Sanktuary Investments has built up a strong customer base that appreciates its unique approach, knowing that the fund only benefits when they do.

For complete beginners, seminars start right at the basics of understanding how the market operates, while experienced students can take advantage of the industry insights and techniques on offer. Taking place across the country, GeckoFX courses are accessible and affordable.

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