New App Builds Fitness Communities to Support Health & Wellbeing

New App Builds Fitness Communities to Support Health & Wellbeing

Anyone needing a little extra support to hit the gym can now tap into the benefits of a good workout and a great friend with the launch of a new community-minded app. Fitalike is a dynamic new fitness, sports, and wellbeing app that matches users with other likeminded individuals, or with professional trainers and coaches who can help them achieve their own fitness goals.

The app makes it easy to find new workout buddies, locate local trainers and coaches, and share personal achievements and fitness journeys, providing extra motivation and turning what could feel like a chore into a fun, encouraging and inspiring community.

The launch of Fitalike comes at a time when exercise levels are notoriously low. Reports show that physical activity dropped by one third during the pandemic. And while things are beginning to return to normal, research from Sport England finds that many aspects – including feelings of anxiety and a disruption to habit – are preventing people from restarting their sport activities. Fitalike is designed to make it easier and more enjoyable to exercise and focus on health, with help from new friends.

Joel Attwal, Founder of Fitalike, says, “The past few years have very much disrupted how we live, work, and play, and many of us are struggling to settle back into an exercise routine. However, staying fit is more important than ever, with increasing amounts of research finding close links between exercise levels and disease prevalence. We can’t afford to let the pandemic throw us off track. It’s time to get back to it, put ourselves first, and support each other as we all strive to become better, stronger, healthier versions of ourselves”.

Attwal hopes that Fitalike will play a significant role not only in boosting physical health, but in improving mental health and wellbeing, too. Reports of mental health issues are on the rise. In 2019, mental health conditions affected roughly 10% of the UK population. By 2021, this had almost doubled. The Mental Health Foundation advocates for exercise as a way to enhance mental health, with even short 10-minute bursts of activity known to have a positive impact on mood and energy.

Fitalike was born from its founder’s own mental health journey, when he was encouraged by a friend to head to the gym. He gave it a try, and discovered just how much a good friend, and a good workout session, could help. He decided to combine the two into one comprehensive app to help others.

Individuals can use the app to find new friends or personal trainers, while professionals can sign up to reach new clients and earn extra income.

For a limited time, the Fitalike Premium Plan is available for free in order to give back to the community. Find out more about the app online: – or download from the App Store: