New App Harnesses the Power of the Share Economy to Spread Positivity

New App Harnesses the Power of the Share Economy to Spread Positivity

Across Europe, there are nearly 300 hundred successfully launched ‘collaborative platforms’, with transactions totalling $28 billion in 2015 alone[1].  Now Favorey, a new peer-to-peer goods and services app and self-styled favour marketplace, is the latest to follow harness the power of the share economy.


The award-winning app is helping to spread positivity throughout communities with its favour marketplace. The simply designed interface allows users who need a certain item or service to connect with a service provider who they already know through friends and families and, in turn, their extended friends and families, who can provide exactly what they need. All those providing favours through the app come recommended and vetted, so users know they’re interacting with someone they can trust. The sharing of resources is what drives the app, making it a perfect example of how the share economy is a positive force taking the world by storm.


Kabir Ahmed, CEO of Favorey, said “It’s been fascinating to watch the monumental rise of the share economy over the last few years. We really believe in what the movement stands for and we know that Favorey reflects this in every aspect. We’re committed to promoting the benefits of the share economy, and Favorey allows us to do that with ease while helping people to find what they need on any given day.”


At the current rate of growth, it’s projected that the share economy could grow by 30% each year over the next decade and by 2025 it could be responsible for £140bn worth of transactions each year

The share economy shows no signs of slowing, and neither does Favorey. The brand is facilitating favours through a network of selected partners to launch in various markets around the world, and hopes to expand into new markets – helping people to connect with each other and give help where needed across the globe.


Favorey is available on both iOS and Android devices. To find out more about the app visit the website