New approach to dropshipping goes live as Knawat launches

New approach to dropshipping goes live as Knawat launches

A cutting-edge new dropship platform has launched, with a mission to help online retailers and entrepreneurs start or grow their business. Knawat is a unique type of dropship offering which serves all ecommerce platforms with easy integration, flexible margins and a focus on affordability without compromising on quality from Turkey.

Knawat specialises in Turkish fashion and homewares and serves e-tailors and entrepreneurs around the world. Its slick platform means it can operate as a single trusted supplier, with anyone able to use its functionality to launch their own drop shipping businesses or add a new product arm to an existing online store.

The first ever Turkish drop ship to be created, the Knawat platform is easy to use and can be added to any existing ecommerce interface. Users simply browse the marketplace to select the products they wish to begin selling – choices include men’s and women’s fashion, cosmetics, kid’s clothes, homewares and accessories. Users add their own profit margin to the desired product and then export the product to their own online store. The user’s own store catalogue and product listings are updated with products then immediately available for shoppers to purchase.

After selling a Knawat product, the online retailer simply pays the wholesale price to Knawat and collects the retail price from the customer. Orders are easily manged from one place and once an order is received, it’s transferred to the Knawat platform. From there, Knawat takes over and the product is shipped direct to the customer, anywhere in the world.

For those just building their retail business, the Knawat drop shipping platform offers convenience, flexibility and real cost savings. There are no warehousing or fulfilment costs and shipping is managed by the platform, leaving the retailer to continue sourcing new products and focus on growing their business.

Sadeq AlWadeai, founder and CEO of Knawat said, “In Turkish, Knawat means channels and, that’s exactly what we are. We have approached the concept of drop shipping in an entirely new way, prioritized integration and developed tools and resources to help those who wish to grow an existing business with the ease of a dropship partner and those who want to get started building their own brand without the need to invest in costly warehousing, juggle multiple suppliers and handle shipping. Our product market place is extensive, filled with unique goods, a range of high quality options and all with a commitment to low wholesale prices, so it’s easy for the retailer to add their own mark-up.”

In addition to a simple product export tool which can be integrated with all major ecommerce platforms, the Knawat platform gives sellers access to a host of useful tools including a marketing training academy, multi-language support and a network of vetted partners.

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