New author releases heart-warming and humorous debut just in time for Christmas

New author releases heart-warming and humorous debut just in time for Christmas

New indie author, Louise Worthington has released her witty, empowering and often touching debut book, Distorted Days to offer an escape for those with a love of women’s literature on the chaotic run-up to the festive period.

Following the daily but not-altogether-average trials and tribulations of three strong yet flawed central female characters, Distorted Days is a celebration of the authentic challenges that happen to everyone and the strength of true friendship.

Through the character of the slightly reclusive Doris who finds solace in the bottom of a bottle when trouble comes calling, the author has managed to embody those parts of the psyche that sees us all shy away from obstacles from time to time. Thankfully, with a little humour and help from her friendship group, Doris overcomes her difficulties, dusts herself off and emerges as a fortified and triumphant character certain to resonate with anyone who’s ever cursed their run of lousy luck yet come through the other end feeling stronger than ever.

With a keen interest in women’s literature, the first time author’s debut title is exquisitely written and filled with laugh-out-loud accounts of the ways in which life can knock anyone off their feet, while also confirming that a good sense of humour and a little help from friends is vital to getting back on track.

Intelligent, poignant and above all giving the feel-good factor to her audience, Distorted Days is now available via digital download on Kindle and paperback and offers the ideal pre-Christmas pick-me-up for anyone looking for a little escapism amidst the madness that comes with the Christmas period.

She says, “My inspiration for the book came from a love of contemporary women’s fiction and literary fiction. I wanted to create characters which people will care about and the reviews so far have been very positive. Self-publishing means I can be a bit more experimental which I have been through the use of a refrain to show Doris’ habitual drinking habits. As Christmas is a trying time for many of us, I hope that Distorted Days gives its readers the chance to sit back, relax and follow a touching tale.”

With two more suspense/thriller novels in the pipeline for 2020, readers can now download a copy of Distorted Days by Louise Worthington from Amazon as a Kindle Edition or purchase as a paperback. To find out more or to download visit