New Award-Winning App Aims to Create a ‘Community of Trust’ Across the Globe

New Award-Winning App Aims to Create a ‘Community of Trust’ Across the Globe

In a time when the world can feel full of bad news all the time, the brains behind a new app are aiming to change the way that people view each other and the world around them. Favorey, a useful app that allows users to negotiate a favour – through their friends and families and in turn, their friends and families – wants to create a ‘community of trust’ that spans countries and continents. The app has already gained industry recognition and won the award for Best Consumer App at this years’ Techxlr8 Awards.

Recent tragic events both at home and abroad have left many people feeling mournful and, in some cases, even distrustful of the people around them. In many areas of the UK, and around the world, the sense of community that once drew people together has been lost. This is due to a combination of lifestyle changes and negative news permeating the headlines, which means people feel too busy to help one another and often too scared to reach out. New company Favorey aims to change that, bringing people together to do favours and help each other in times of need.

Javier Jimeniz, CTO of Favorey, said “We’re saddened by the recent tragic events around the world. When awful things like this happen it’s often all you hear about in the news, day in, day out. This makes it easy to forget that there are still good people in the world, people who are willing to help anyone – friends, family, or even complete strangers. The recent scenes of bravery at Manchester are testament to this. At Favorey, we want to emphasise that most people in the world want to help rather than hurt, and that thought is the driving force behind the app and everything we do.”

Favorey, which launched earlier this year on iOS and Android, allows users to post about jobs they need or products they’d like to purchase – from having a room redecorated to finding the perfect jewellery. Through the app, they can find trusted tradespeople and sellers, negotiate terms for the favour, and come together to arrange something of mutual benefit.

It’s an idea that aims to bring people together in a safe, helping to spread Favorey’s ethos of caring and community. To find out more about the app and Favorey’s ‘community of trust’ movement, visit the website