New Blenderelle™ Solves Sponge Storage Problem, Keeping Makeup Blenders Beautiful

New Blenderelle™ Solves Sponge Storage Problem, Keeping Makeup Blenders Beautiful

Beauty buffs sick of throwing away grimy makeup blenders and worried about smearing dirty sponges on their face can sleep easy as a smart new product launches in the USA with a promise to banish bugs and keep pricey blenders bacteria free.

Created by New York-based beauty brand, NYC Designed, the Blenderelle™ hygienic storage solution for any oval shaped blender is the latest hero product from the East Coast innovators and is quickly proving to be a smash hit. Already named a ‘total game changer’ by industry experts with its fashionable yet functional design, this antibacterial makeup blender sponge case solves the on-going storage problem that all beauty enthusiasts face.

While elliptical blending sponges are wildly popular, creating flawless finishes with every application, improper storage can lead to a skincare nightmare. Dampening the sponge enables users to create the best results when bouncing on their base, yet is also leaves the sponge vulnerable to bacteria.

In fact, a study published in the Journal of Scientific Research found that 100 percent of surveyed sponges were contaminated with a colony of bacteria called “staphylococcus aureus” – a phrase more appropriate for science books and not on the skin! Blenderelle™ is produced using EPA registered antimicrobial technology, offering 50% ventilation while forming a protective casing around each applicator. Once your Insta-worthy look is complete, simply place the beauty blender in the case to reduce the risk of germs growing on damp sponges. This also minimizes exposure to further bacteria as the sponge dries, meaning less chance of breakouts from dirty sponges.

With its innovative design, Blenderelle™ solves both of the main make-up disasters experienced by busy beauty enthusiasts, keeping handbags, makeup bags and dressing tables free from makeup stains, while ensuring their favourite sponges remain clean and usable for longer, reducing the need to re-purchase so frequently.

Sam Palmer, founder of Blenderelle™ said, “Like many other makeup enthusiasts, my daughter and I loved our blenders but our bags were ruined after storing many damp, used blenders in them. This, coupled with the knowledge that the bacteria lurking inside our makeup bags was latching onto these unprotected blenders (and onto our freshly cleansed faces) was a constant concern. After DIY attempts to protect our sponges failed, often trapping the moisture and making things worse, we set out to design the perfect makeup blender sponge case to store and travel with our favourite blender, without any of these frustrations.”

Blenderelle™ was designed in collaboration with a NYC-based expert, using meticulous tests and studies to create the final product. With this insight, the elegant tulip-shaped storage case includes decorative holes to offer 50% ventilation allowing adequate airflow for the sponges to dry, as well as using specialist antimicrobial technology to reduce the risk of growth of odor-causing bacteria. With a twist opening mechanism, level feet to double up as a storage stand, clutch-bag friendly sizing and choice of two satin finishes, the ‘game changer’ status this innovative storage case has already received is instantly validated.

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