New Book Deliciously Primitive Promises to Unlock Female Mind for Baffled Males Looking for Love

New Book Deliciously Primitive Promises to Unlock Female Mind for Baffled Males Looking for Love

The battle of the sexes has been raging for millennia, but a new book is set to help confused men understand the female psyche. Deliciously Primitive delves beyond the mystery to get to grips with what drives women, handing readers a manual to improve their love life, whether they’re looking for a lifelong partner or a thrilling fling.

Robert Sykora, Author of Deliciously Primitive, said, “Men often fail to understand women at all. Women don’t like it, they expect a guy to know what he’s doing. It prevents relationships from blossoming or even starting at all. Romantic couplings turn stale with both sides simply going through the motions. But with the right insights, it’s possible for men to not only capture the attention of the girl they’ve got their eye on but forge the relationship they’ve been fantasising about too.

“Female behaviour confuses men because they’re simply not aware of the driving force behind it. Deliciously Primitive is like a how to guide for those men. It unravels the seemingly baffling, so everything makes sense and guides readers on a journey of discovery about the fairer sex.”

The book builds on a theory that all women are born with the same force inside them, a survival instinct that leads them to seek out the ideal man that can provide resources, protection, companionship, and doesn’t argue too much. The book is the culmination of years of getting to know women by a mysterious lothario, known only as Billy. Having researched female behaviour for the last four decades, Billy is now sharing his knowledge with other men. Blending humour, grit, and insights Deliciously Primitive contains 50 different situations men may find themselves in when it comes to building relationships with the other sex. Among the witty chapters waiting to be discovered are the likes of Cougars, Cats & Claws, Watch My Lips, Scrap Yard Body, and The Black Art of Shopping.

Sykora added, “Deliciously Primitive was written to be a self-help journal that can really help men understand the women in their lives with a bit of light hearted fun thrown in. With the right approach the male-female dynamic can be turned in the favour of men that have always struggled to form a connection.”

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