New Brand Limitless Life Brings Fresh Buzz to the Coffee Market

New Brand Limitless Life Brings Fresh Buzz to the Coffee Market

Caffeine addicts are being offered a new way to get their coffee buzz with the launch of an exciting, unique range from Limitless Life. The innovative brand is using research into the brain to deliver the world’s first nootropic coffee to market, promising to boost cognitive functions and mood with a simple cup of aromatic coffee.

Tasting just regular coffee that millions across the UK drink and love every morning, Limitless Life blends pack an extra punch. Designed to optimise the drinker’s neurotransmitters and restore brain health, the products deliver a fresh way to improve a range of mental areas, from focus to motivation, perfect for a daily caffeine injection. Through meticulous processes, Limitless Life coffee provides all the benefits without having a higher caffeine content than regular instant coffee blends or creating jitters. Nootropics have been used for decades but Limitless Life are the first business to create a coffee that takes advantage of the ingredients.

Limitless Life MD Gareth Jones said “Everybody has felt their cognitive functions start flagging, whether it’s first thing in the morning or just before the end of the working day. Normally Brits would reach for a simple cup of coffee to deliver the boost they need but our nootropic coffee goes even further. Backed by research, coffee drinkers know they can rely on Limitless Life drinks to get them though the day and improve their performance.”

The first product from Limitless Life to hit the shelves is the innovative Instant Genius Coffee. Combining a one of a kind blend of ingredients, a single mug guarantees to reduce stress, improve memory, and support other key cognitive functions. The Limitless Life brew aims to clear morning brain fog and act as an eliminator for common afternoon slumps in performance.

Building on their research from the brand’s first product, Limitless Life already have a creative range of other hot drinks in the pipeline. The brand’s unique focus on brain research and dedication to incorporating the latest findings into products means Limitless Life could soon become a kitchen cupboard staple across the country.

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