New Brand Pearl-Lang Is Disrupting the Luxury Fine Pearl Jewellery Market with Its Collection Of Affordable Alternatives

New Brand Pearl-Lang Is Disrupting the Luxury Fine Pearl Jewellery Market with Its Collection Of Affordable Alternatives

Fashion-forward females with a penchant for pearl accessories will be delighted to discover a luxurious jewellery line offering the rarest of gems at prices that don’t break the bank.

Pearl-Lang, a contemporary brand that is channelling timeless style with modern touches, is keen to encourage individuality amongst its customers with a collection of hand-crafted jewellery pieces that incorporate the finest cultured pearls in an array of exciting shapes, sizes and varieties.

Whether women are searching for simple strands that can adorn their necks for everyday use or more eye-catching designs that will ensure they get noticed at cocktail parties and glitzy events, the brands range of necklaces, earrings and bracelets has something for every woman that is keen to decorate her body with the exquisite natural beauty of pearls.

Lulu Tyers, Founder and Creative Director of Pearl-Lang said: “The beauty and charm of pearls is what continues to draw women to them, as it always has for me. Pearl-Lang was born from my adornment of the gems and the fact that I have always found their individuality so inspiring.

“Unfortunately, something so rare often comes with an eye-watering price tag attached to it, which I discovered when I witnessed a close friend of mine have to forfeit on a set of expensive pearls that she wanted to wear on her wedding day. Seeing her disappointment encouraged me to create my own line of jewellery that is accessible to all women.

“With a versatile collection of classic styles and more individual pieces, there is truly something here for every pearl lover who wants to enjoy this precious gem in the finest quality without forking out huge sums of money.”

While the price tag may have been reduced on these stunning pieces, many of which incorporate gold and sparkling cubic zirconia stone, the attention to detail has not. An obsession with quality and a desire to provide customers with exciting styles means that Lulu has travelled far and wide to ensure that the pearls in her designs come from ethical and environmentally responsible pearl farms around the world.

She said: “Ensuring that the pearls we use in these pieces are sourced in the right way only adds to their beauty and individuality, meaning that each and every wearer can enjoy collecting pieces that are rare, beautiful and support the environment simultaneously.”

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