New Breed of Family Office Designed to Meet the Demands of Modern, Flexible Ultra-Wealthy Clients: The ‘Virtual’ Family Office

New Breed of Family Office Designed to Meet the Demands of Modern, Flexible Ultra-Wealthy Clients: The ‘Virtual’ Family Office

Wealthy individuals that could benefit from the expertise and skills of a family office but still want to retain flexibility and manage overheads have a new service that they can take advantage of. DOS & Co. is taking an adaptable approach to the usual dedicated family office service to target the next savvy generation of ultra high net worth individuals that want expert support and insights that suit them.

While a typical family office is employed on a full-time basis to administer the wealth, properties, and luxury assets of the family, DOS & Co. works differently. Working on a tailored basis to match the needs of each individual client, the business removes the usual burden and cost associated with dedicated, full-time family offices. Through making the usual family office service more accessible and flexible, DOS & Co. is working with a wide range of wealthy individuals, from veteran entrepreneurs to young musical and television talent, to millennials who have inherited fortunes.

Darragh O’Sullivan, Founder of DOS & Co., said, “When someone has hundreds of millions in the bank and an established set of requirements they need frequently, a traditional family office makes sense. But there are plenty of people where this type of set up doesn’t work. Those that just need the services of lawyers, representatives, advice and operational experts from time to time, or whose needs are still evolving, need a reliable but flexible service that they can tap into. DOS & Co is filling this vital gap in the market, bridging the gap between individuals, their private bankers and their advisers, providing expert assistance for all non-investment type services.”

The extensive range of services on offer from DOS & Co. includes asset management, project management, full concierge and lifestyle management, and plenty more. Ongoing clients have 24/7 access to the expert team behind DOS & Co. Alternatively, the wealthy elite taking advantage of the services can use the expertise for a one-off project, such as renovating a property, managing a yacht refit, or establishing a confidentiality or family social media policy. The on-demand, ‘virtual’ family office model has proven to be a successful link between the staff that wealthy individuals need on daily basis and the services they need infrequently.

The comprehensive selection of skills available through DOS & Co. is designed to allow clients to focus on the areas that are the most important to them, while the expert team take care of the finer details.

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