New BTCZ Bitcoinz Launches Mobile Device Wallet With Coin For All Approach

New BTCZ Bitcoinz Launches Mobile Device Wallet With Coin For All Approach

A fully decentralized, superfast new cryptocurrency which launched just two months ago has already developed its own multi-platform wallet for Android and iOS. Thus further continuing its surge of momentum with new features due to come out soon. All coming from its decentralised and open community, which is always welcoming new members.

Designed as a community creation which gives users full control of their financial freedom, BTCZ, Bitcoinz has been dubbed Bitcoin 2.0 thanks to its one-hundred percent decentralized development which has already produced a multi-platform wallet that gives Android and iOS users access to their Bitcoinz coins via their smartphone devices or tablets.

BitcoinZ is a Bitcoin compatible cryptocurrency based on the zcash core. It utilizes the Equihash algorithm with t-addresses and zk-SNARKs anonymous z-addresses. The fusion of these technologies enshrines the BitcoinZ philosophy of a decentralised community by giving anyone with a standard graphics card the ability to carry out graphics processor unit (GPU) mining – this removes the traditional technology barrier to entry that prevents most people from participating in the cryptocurrency gold rush. Transactions on BTCZ are extremely fast – so much so that it may be the one cryptocurrency currently capable of achieving what Bitcoin Gold was supposed to achieve.

Mass accessibility is one of the things that sets Bitcoinz (BTCZ) apart. In addition to being developed specifically to ‘open up cryptocurrency mining to regular computer and smartphone users’, the coin for all has a 21 billion total coin supply – meaning every single person on the planet could own at least one BTCZ Bitcoinz.

Easy to mine, with an active community, fairness core, natural growth, no pre-mining requirements, anonymous transactions unlike traditional Bitcoin transactions and a decentralised community that permits all exchanges mean that in just 61 days, BTCZ Bitcoinz has already started to revolutionise the cryptocurrency industry.

A BTCZ miner and community member said, “BTCZ uses Bitcoin technology but is the next generation of cryptocurrency. We fight for freedom. Having a decentralised cryptocurrency is an important step in creating a currency for all. It means that anyone and everyone in the community can offer assistance and contribute efforts to the growth of this cryptocurrency. Everyone is equal and every coin is made by community and for community.

“We’re already seeing the impact of what this means for cryptocurrency with explosive growth and the creation of a multi-platform wallet in just 61 days since launch. Having a desktop PC user able to mine for Bitcoinz adds further to our ethos of creating a coin for all and shows our commitment to breaking down elitist barriers. We’ve gone back to basics, eliminating premine and dev taxes but in doing so, have kick-started rapid growth and enabled miners to capitalise on the new currency immediately.”

The community is also voting on the formation of a ‘BTCZ Community Chest’ to solidify its ability to support the growth and life of Bitcoinz. This is a first but welcomed ‘event’ enabling swift and transparent actions that works alongside the no-fork, no-ico, no dev tax yet still allowing a ‘fund of the blocks to go towards the foundation for infrastructure, architecture, design, development, branding, marketing and technology advancements to enhance and strength Bitcoinz including providing tools that showcase its use-cases that compliment it’s mobile wallets and existence thus far.

Additionally, a roadmap and new objectives will soon be available to showcase the direction the community has agreed is suitable and sustainable.

Bitcoinz can be found on C-Cex and Tradesatoshi exchanges as of now. Also the one of the new features of Bitcoinz is Masq. More information will be available soon.

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