New Business Communication Tool Launches to Address Challenges of the ‘Zoom Boom’

New Business Communication Tool Launches to Address Challenges of the ‘Zoom Boom’

UK-based communications firm Purposeful, which aims to ensure every business interaction has meaning, is launching a new platform to remove the growing ‘noise’ in remote communications. Morii – a communication and response capturing platform – is designed to help remote teams share essential, succinct information, encouraging them to talk less, not more.

Developed in partnership with the Government’s Innovate UK scheme, Morii is emerging as an essential tool that businesses need in order to address the challenges of the ‘Zoom Boom’ and the increasing fatigue that is being noted following more than 12 months relying on these tools over lockdown.

Morii has been strategically designed to minimise the stress created by inbound group communications through reducing the quantity of messages that are being sent and making it easier and quicker for employees to respond. With many employees working from home during the pandemic, the number of digital communications being sent has grown rapidly in the absence of face-to-face interaction, sparking concern of employee burnout.

Dave von Dadelszen, Purposeful Co-Founder, says “Zoom, Teams, Slack, and other digital communications platforms have clearly been a lifeline during the pandemic, enabling businesses to adapt to the difficult landscape in ways that have enabled impressive levels of continuity. But now, the novelty is wearing off, and a huge number of employees are becoming overwhelmed and tired by this mindset that we must communicate constantly.”

Even prior to the pandemic, employees were becoming stressed out by their  inbox and the amount of notifications they were receiving. In 2016, Forbes noted that 71% were tired of being frequently interrupted during tasks. A survey released by Wakefield Research in April 2021 showed that the biggest distraction for remote workers during the global pandemic has been work communications, such as those received via email, Slack and MS Teams.

Michael Embrey, Purposeful Co-Founder, says “Insufficient business communications that damage employee wellbeing and limit workplace productivity certainly aren’t a new problem, but it’s one that’s been made worse by the remote revolution. It is clear that this problem is now at a critical level, and an urgent solution to address the issue is required. That’s why we’ve developed Morii; to help companies and employees navigate the new normal”.

With Morii group communications can be handled individually by recipients so responses are not sent to the entire group. Users also select where they receive message notifications to minimise distractions with options including via email, SMS and WhatsApp.

As well as reducing the quantity of inbound group communications, Morii facilitates speedier responses by displaying a set of relevant, structured, predefined responses to each message.  Recipients respond with just a single tap, freeing up employee time to boost workplace productivity, minimise downtime, and help workers build a healthier work/life balance.

As a ‘Made in Britain’ member, Purposeful is dedicated to supporting the vulnerable UK economy during this difficult time, and is proud to launch Morii as a 100% British-made product. It offers opportunities to talented young people through the Government’s Kickstart scheme; a programme that provides work experience for 16 – 24 year olds receiving Universal Credit.

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