New cheap flight service can save travellers hundreds of pounds on flights

New cheap flight service can save travellers hundreds of pounds on flights matches travellers with expert flight hunters to save them money on their travels.

As summer approaches, sun seekers around the country are counting down to jetting off. But what if it was possible to take to the skies without draining an already stretched bank account? In the face of rising prices and cost of living pressures, FlightsFinder, the trailblazing travel savings platform, has launched a game-changing solution: ‘Hire a Flight Expert.’ This revolutionary feature promises to be a gamechanger for flight bookings by slashing costs and unlocking unbeatable deals.

For just £25, FlightsFinder’s team of bargain-hunting wizards will go above and beyond to secure the best price for any desired route. The bargain hunting experts could cut the cost of a return flight by hundreds of pounds, or even more for families planning their summer escape. If the expert can’t beat the traveller’s best flight, there’s no charge for the service.

FlightsFinder’s early success stories already speak volumes. An English teacher mapping out a complex journey from Atlanta to New Zealand, then Canada, and back, was resigned to the staggering £4,771 ($5,960) price tag. With FlightFinder’s expertise, the same journey came in at £3,961 ($4,948), pocketing a jaw-dropping £817 ($1,012) in savings. The experts locked in this saving by checking prices on a different website the client had not considered.

But it’s not just about specific routes – it’s about crafting unforgettable experiences within any solo traveller, couple, or family’s budget this summer. One traveller incorporated a one-day stopover in Rome on his way from Sydney to Lanzarote on the advice of an expert, fulfilling a lifelong dream of visiting the Colosseum while also saving £240 ($300).

Another family planning a holiday from London to Phuket saw their £800 best return flight price slashed by nearly £300 just by swapping their flight to an alternate airport they hadn’t considered before the expert suggested it.

FlightsFinder’s CEO and founder, Shahab Siddiqui, explains, “Travellers may be leaving a lot of savings on the table because they don’t have the know-how to secure a cheaper deal by exploring the myriad of options available to them. We aim to combat this by making expert flight hunters available to them to do the complex searching on their behalf. If they can’t save money, the finders’s fee of £25 is refunded so it’s a win-win.”

FlightsFinder’s travel experts employ a diverse range of strategies to unearth the best deals, including searching multiple websites, exploring alternate dates and airports, and optimising layovers to reduce costs. By leveraging budget airlines and maximising miles and points, these experts consistently deliver unparalleled savings to clients.

Those dreaming of jetting off for less this summer can experience the benefits firsthand via the ‘Hire an Expert’ service on the FlightsFinder website. By completing a brief form and submitting a small fee, travellers gain access to fast, personalised assistance from industry professionals, ensuring a budget-friendly travel experience.

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