New Cloud Hosting Solutions Platform a real alternative to costly Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure

New Cloud Hosting Solutions Platform a real alternative to costly Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure

A design and website hosting business have expanded its services to include a brand-new cloud hosting solutions platform, offering substantially more cost-effective dedicated hosting environments as a customer-focused alternative to costly Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Built to scale and designed with reliability in mind, UKHost4u’s new platform keeps processing data and storage on separate hardware, with the ability to expand the hosting environment as the business grows.

The latest addition to UKHost4u’s suite of web solution services comes with the promise of an affordable pay-per-use pricing model, with sign-ups for the new cloud-hosting platform including a 14-day free trial that can be cancelled at any time.

With the company able to assist with design and set up, a preconfigured design means that popular web management tools such as WordPress and Magento are highly compatible with the new platform, reducing technical limitations when getting clients up and running.

Maintaining an independent infrastructure, a business setting up on the platform can enjoy single-click control over their website and associated applications, allowing them to develop, run, update and expand existing functionality without being affected by other users as might be seen in shared hosting plans.

Key features included with the robust cloud hosting solutions include an intuitive developer web portal for ease of updating and managing the cloud environment, automatic vertical and horizontal scaling support according to application load, and support for zero code change and container deployments.

Having begun life 15 years ago as a small design and hosting company serving local clients, UKHost4u’s expanded server and storage capabilities make it a market-leading IT services company with clients across the UK.

With the aim of drastically reducing hosting and developments costs for clients paying only for real-terms use of the platform instead of unusually high maximum limits, UKHost4u’s latest service iteration looks set to change the landscape of user-friendly and value-added cloud-hosting solutions.

Paul Hughes Host4u Limited CEO said, “We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Cloud Hosting Solutions Platform. It offers businesses more dedicated environments with a much cheaper and straightforward pricing method, plus lots of additional control. We expect clients to register substantial cost savings, which is incredibly attractive in the current environment, without sacrificing on performance or features. It’s something that we have spent a great deal of time developing and testing, in order to meet the changing needs of the UK’s businesses.”

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