New comparison website launches as 70% of Big Six households told they are paying too much

New comparison website launches as 70% of Big Six households told they are paying too much

A brand new comparison engine has launched to help budget-conscious homeowners cut back on their bills by making it easy to find and compare the best rates on utilities such as energy and broadband. Usave compiles a range of plans from a host of suppliers and is perfect for the 70% of Big Six energy company customers in the UK still on expensive energy tariffs.

Usave is a new online comparison service that allows users to compare the prices from leading energy and broadband suppliers including Sky and British Gas. Usave also helps users to make the switch that will see them significantly reducing their outgoings.

Charlene Thomas, Communications Director at Usave said: “For consumers, the launch of Usave comes at the perfect time. As we head into January rumours are once again circulating about low tariffs coming to an end and energy and internet bills soaring in the New Year. We all want to make savings where we can. The latest Ofgem figures show the average household could save as much as £200 by making a switch, so it really does pay to check that you’re on the best rate.

“With quick and easy price comparison across the market, Usave makes it easy for tenants and homeowners to make their budgets go further and reduce wasted spend. With a range of useful tools and advice from experts, we’ve set out to help our visitors gain a clear understanding of what they’re paying, what they could save and who the best provider for their own individual needs is.

“The Usave website is simple to use and gives consumers exactly what they need – plenty of information about broadband and energy providers and the opportunity to switch to see great reductions on their bills.”

Usave visitors simply enter their postcode to access a list of the best broadband or energy deals available in their area. The price comparison site also displays current deals and offers from all major providers, so those shopping around can save money on their utility bills and compare what’s on offer.

Those looking for a new broadband provider can filter deals according to type (such as broadband only, fibre optic or broadband and TV) or browse by provider. After finding a new tariff, users select a deal and then complete a form on the provider’s website to make the switch.

Comparing energy providers is just as easy – the bill payer simply inputs their postcode to get an accurate quote, completes a short form providing details of current tariffs and then compares prices from a list of local suppliers. Switching is easy too, with Usave visitors able to choose a new tariff directly from the comparison engine.

The Usave site contains a number of helpful guides answering common questions relating to broadband and energy providers.  It also provides a wealth of useful information such as what to do if your internet cuts out at home as well as offering articles relating to the broadband and energy comparison process.

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