New Corporate Wellness Programme Loved by NHS Launches in Cardiff

New Corporate Wellness Programme Loved by NHS Launches in Cardiff

At a time when organisations are finding it more challenging than ever to attract and retain talent, a new Cardiff-based wellbeing facility is launching corporate wellness programmes to help businesses boost the employee experience. Mountain Yoga, which hosts both indoor and outdoor yoga sessions and wellbeing classes across its 110 acre venue, is already working closely with local NHS trusts to promote the importance of employee care. 

The new programmes focus on corporate wellbeing, health, and fitness, and are designed to help businesses better meet the needs of their employees. Organisations may choose to use the Mountain Yoga retreats for team building exercises, and as drivers of improved communication and collaboration. Businesses can also make use of the private, serene location to hold off-site meetings, giving employees the chance to participate in yoga, outdoor circuits, nature walks, breathing exercises, and confidence classes. 

Since opening its doors, Mountain Yoga has already delivered a number of yoga classes and wellness sessions to employees working for local NHS trusts as the organisation seeks to better support its workers following the pandemic. Mountain Yoga is also delivering sessions for individuals who are keen to learn more about poses and stretches that can help to release tension in the body. 

Craig McCormack, Co-Founder and Director of Mountain Yoga, says, “This year, employee wellbeing is at the top of the agenda, with many organisations turning to wellbeing in an effort to attract high quality candidates, and retain their top talent. It’s no secret that the past few years have been a major challenge, for both employers and employees, and we’re pleased to be delivering our new corporate wellness programmes to help businesses provide better, more balanced experiences for their workforce”. 

The opening of the new yoga facility, which overlooks the natural green scenery of Garth Mountain and the launch of the new corporate wellness programme, come following reports that more than two thirds of UK businesses have noted a decline in employee wellbeing since the COVID-19 crisis. First facing disruption to traditional working processes, worries of job losses, health fears, and additional duties such as home schooling, employees are now also facing a cost of living crisis, and concerns over unrest in Europe. Together, these factors are causing a rise in stress and increased absenteeism.

Despite employees facing more challenges and more worries than ever before, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development reports that only 50% of UK businesses have a wellbeing strategy in place. Additional research by Mental Health First Aid England suggests that fewer than half of employers in England have conducted an employee wellbeing check. 

Wellness programmes are rapidly emerging as strategic necessities for employee retention during this time of the ‘Great Resignation’. While employees may feel more balanced and supported through the implementation of such programmes, many employers also agree that they can help boost workplace productivity, and reduce the number of sick days. 

While there are a number of different ways that today’s employers can implement wellness and wellbeing for staff, yoga is shown to be one of the most effective. Studies have found that yoga can help to reduce stress, improve management of feelings and emotions, and support better sleep. 

Along with corporate wellness programmes, Mountain Yoga also offers classes and sessions for the local community, covering everything from beginner yoga and flexibility workshops to hatha flow classes and strength and mobility training. Membership to Mountain Yoga also includes use of the facility’s peaceful woodland trails and picnic areas, and exclusive discounts. 

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