New Debate and Discussion Forum For Women Launches Online

New Debate and Discussion Forum For Women Launches Online

A highly anticipated online debate and discussion forum for women is now open for registration, with the platform having recently launched in the UK. WomanTalk has been designed and created to celebrate the female voice and perspective, inspiring constructive and thought-provoking conversations.

WomanTalk is an online platform which provides a dedicated space for women to discuss and debate the big issues of today, leading the conversation on topics that matter most to women. The forum has been introduced as an alternative to the larger social media channels, enabling women to access a more intimate network of female conversationalists looking to share, educate, and learn alongside others in a free, equal space.

“We only have to look at the rapidly growing number of women in positions of power to see that we really are making enormous strides towards a future of equality,” says WomenTalk Founder Sylvia Powell. “But despite this progress, when we actually look closely, what we’re still seeing and what we’re still hearing is male voices dominating the discussion, whether that’s on radio, television, social media, across political spheres, or anywhere else.

“It became apparent to me that, despite the fact that women are playing a greater role in shaping the world, outlets that prioritise the female voice are still few and far between. WomanTalk aims to address this, amplifying women’s voices and really celebrating the female perspective”.

Powell is certainly no stranger to the concept of female empowerment, having already established a strong, reputable social networking group organising weekly events for local women. Having seen firsthand that when gathered in a safe space created just for them, women who ordinarily wouldn’t participate in such discussions, felt comfortable and able to share their opinions, Powell worked to bring the success of the physical meetups to the digital space.

“Whether we’re talking about the big or not so big issues, the discussions are always engaging, lively, and really interesting, and I really wanted to find an effective way to recreate and share that experience with even more women.

WomanTalk encourages a wide range of conversations, from politics and pop culture to sex, relationships, and even climate change. All subject matters are chosen by WomanTalk members themselves, providing women with opportunities to delve deeper into the issues that matter to them. To date, topics of discussion have included cultural appropriation, Brexit, LGBTQ rights, breaking news stories, egg freezing, work problems, and cannabis legalities.

WomanTalk is simple to use, with topics broken down into 8 distinct categories for easy browsing: general discussion, politics & current affairs, social issues, identity, ethics & morality, sex & relationships, arts & entertainment, and work life. Registration is completely free, and it takes just moments to sign up.

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