New Dedicated and Tolerant Forum Launches to Support Parents In Their Journey

New Dedicated and Tolerant Forum Launches to Support Parents In Their Journey

From ensuring the littlest members of the family get the right foods to dealing with sleeping arrangements, today’s parents face tough decisions and a barrage of advice on a daily basis. It’s leading to anxiety, doubt, and big debates on what is and isn’t the right approach. New, inclusive forum, Mamazou is set to change that with an ethos that embraces differences and variety when it comes to parenting. Disillusioned with well-known parenting forums, mum of one Jenny Raymond set about creating a one-of-a-kind social space for mums and dads and has opened the doors to a more supportive environment which is welcoming to all.

Firming up its commitment to support, the Mamazou apparel range which reinforces the notion that we are all ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ is also available now, and will help raise awareness and support the KidsOut Charity.

According to research, British babies are the world’s greatest criers, a finding that’s been attributed to over-anxious parents. It’s an experience that many new mums and dads can relate to, including Raymond. Turning to online forums for advice and support she found that she was up against judgemental responses and unfriendly cliques that left her feeling isolated and doubtful. It’s an experience that spurred her on to create a tolerant community that recognises that there’s no one size fits all approach when it comes to parenting.

Raymond said “Differences are celebrated in other areas of our lives but when it comes to parenting it can often seem like there’s just one set way for doing everything. Every family and child is different and just because something works for one, there’s no guarantee that it’ll work for another. Mamazou is about revelling in the journey of parenthood and all the challenges it throws up without the judgement that’s often associated with online forums. Parenting is trying enough at times without adding unnecessary extra pressure.”

Since launching, Mamazou has built up a thriving online community of mums and dads eager to share their tips, advice, and personal success stories. Its commitment to positive vibes and different outlook sets the latest parenting forum apart from competitors.

The brand hasn’t stopped there. Building strong collaborative relationships with the best parenting bloggers, instamums, and social influencers, Mamazou is set to become the go to place for information on all things related to parenthood. The diverse range of content already contains a

plethora of topics for parents to dive into, from the effects of birth trauma to fun craft activities to do asa family.

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