New Design Platform ‘Vimanas’ Offers Creative Freedom For Jewellery Fanatics

New Design Platform ‘Vimanas’ Offers Creative Freedom For Jewellery Fanatics

Pioneering new service uses pioneering customization technology to bring individualism to the jewellery-buying masses.

Introducing an innovative new jewellery brand ready to give a new face to the world of customization! Experienced small jewellers, budding designers and those jewellery fanatics simply keen on getting their hands on a unique piece will all find something to love about the Vimanas service, which uses pioneering 3D printing tech to enable jewellery fans to make a real statement with their designs.

Consumers are increasingly searching for new ways to create customized products, and bolder, fresher ways of expressing their individuality through items they’ve designed themselves.

As well as allowing up-and-coming designers and consumers to create statement pieces individually, the platform also provides a space to showcase those designs and earn a commission from all units sold in the online marketplace – a brilliant way to earn money from a creative flair without the hassle (or expense) of having to physically create the jewellery. Users simply upload their designs and let Vimanas do the rest – it couldn’t be simpler!

With Vimanas, users can be sure of high quality and a fast turnaround time from design to dispatch, with free delivery and the ability to both design and get hold of something which is truly unique and personal.

As user-friendly as it is forward thinking, the Vimanas platform offers a perfect marriage of technology and design to create sophisticated, innovative pieces suited to every possible taste and budget.

The platform will be seeking to appeal to not only the heightened call for customization amongst modern consumers, but the growing enthusiasm for supporting smaller design-led businesses.

As the popularity of print on demand services continues to grow, Vimanas offers something even more unique – the chance for users to see their designs come to life in a way previously unseen in the online marketplace.

The company will be crowdfunding this October, with the intent to get the platform up and running by 2018.

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