New Device Addresses Growing Mental Health Concerns During Pandemic

New Device Addresses Growing Mental Health Concerns During Pandemic

An UK-based neuroscientific innovation firm has launched a revolutionary new device which aims to combat feelings of worry and stress while simultaneously boosting mental health and promoting the importance of wellbeing. The MindWatch Company, headquartered in Rothwell, Leeds, pioneered the tech-enabled wearable device as the solution to the UK’s lockdown blues.

MindWatch is a mindfulness tool designed to make it easy for those in self isolation to care for and protect their mental health, not only during lockdown but also in a post-COVID-19 future. While government regulations have been introduced as a way to protect physical health, the mental health implications of isolation are anticipated to be devastating. Mindfulness – a meditation technique used to increase awareness of the present and prevent spiralling thoughts – is being recommended by a number of UK charities including The Brain Charity, Together, and Anxiety UK, as well as by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, as an effective coping mechanism during the pandemic, but many are forgetting to practice.

New York Times bestselling author Sharon Salzberg believes that ‘mindfulness isn’t difficult, we just need to remember to do it’; a sentiment which forms the core foundation of the new MindWatch. A discrete band worn on the wrist, the MindWatch vibrates at regular intervals throughout the day to remind the wearer to take a moment to focus on the here and now. The watch is grounded in the concept of focus-repetition; the idea that consciously taking action and repeating behaviours can facilitate the building of positive habits.

Paul Musgrove, Founder of The MindWatch Company and inventor of the MindWatch said, “Focus-repetition is one of the most important advancements in personal development. It takes scientifically proven techniques such as mindfulness, meditation and positive thinking and derives even greater value from them by encouraging repeated action. By incorporating affirmation and visualisation with repetition, it becomes easier to communicate clearly with the subconscious and maintain a healthy and positive state of mind.”

Developed during the UK lockdown specifically to address growing mental health concerns arising during the pandemic, the MindWatch is designed to be simple and easy to use. The IP65 splash-proof device features a straightforward two-button operation, with no need to integrate with distracting apps. The slimline wearable can be charged directly from a USB, with no batteries needed, and users can customise their device with 16 different interval options offering 4.5 second vibration duration

The new MindWatch is available to buy now with global shipping options available for international delivery.

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