New Digital Marketing Agency Set to Change the Industry, and Indeed the World!

New Digital Marketing Agency Set to Change the Industry, and Indeed the World!

The launch of an exciting new digital agency, based in the Middle East, is set to propel Challenger Brands to new heights. PAR Communications recognised a gap in the market for providing tailored marketing strategies for ambitious businesses that want to take on industry leaders.

Focussing on delivering a real return on investment, PAR Communications will be crafting marketing plans to get SMBs the attention and brand awareness they deserve. Putting a range of diverse skills and tools in the hands of Challenger Brands, PAR Communications is set to shake up the sectors it works across. PAR Communication strategies are designed to fit the adaptable nature of Challenger Brands, putting the power in their hands to choose what they need and when they need it.

Nadim Karam, Founder of PAR Communications, said, “All too often it’s only the big players in an industry that get noticed and have the capacity to seize emerging opportunities. But many challenger brands offer something unique. Brands that are delivering real benefits and value to potential customers deserve to be noticed. This is what’s at the core of PAR Communications ethos, we deliver cost effective solutions that are accessible to those businesses poised to transform markets, increasing their chances to succeed.”

While most digital marketing experts choose to market their services to a wide variety of clients. PAR Communications are focusing on Challenger Brands, and Challenger Brands only.

It’s PAR Communications’ business model that enables it to deliver budget friendly solutions to brands with their eye on rapid growth. Working remotely, PAR Communications is able to drastically reduce its overhead costs; which are then passed on to their clients. Their streamlined, modern approach to marketing strategies allows clients to build up their services with their own goals in mind. Through blending website design, social media, PPC, SEO, Content and other core marketing elements, PAR Communications forges a highly effective solution that yields results.

PAR communications is also launching a CSR initiative named “Changing The World”. Through this initiative, they are dedicating time and resources to support NGOs and non-profit organizations trying to make our world a better place. PAR Communications offers guidance and support, as well as discounted packages, specifically designed to help NGOs & non-profit organizations find more donors and volunteers, as well as raise awareness around their cause.

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