New free printable invoice search facility launches as self-starters and entrepreneurs look set to shine in 2018

New free printable invoice search facility launches as self-starters and entrepreneurs look set to shine in 2018

Entrepreneurs, small businesses and freelancers gearing up to grow their client base and reap the rewards in 2018 can get free assistance in the crucial area of invoicing and billing as the brand new Freenvoices launches.

Freenvoices is designed to make life easier for the nation’s SMEs and self-starters with stylish, professional and creative invoice templates which can be downloaded for free and edited in Word.

Research by Forbes suggests that over 57 million people around the world freelance, with independent contracting becoming a way of life. Likewise, over 99% of all businesses in the UK in 2017 were classed as SMEs – cash flow is the single biggest issue which unites both.

Removing the hassle of creating invoices from scratch and banishing poor, unprofessional bills back to 2017, the site is a treasure-trove of templates with a style to suit almost any industry. From the traditional to the truly modern, the Freenvoices collection lightens the load for small teams and individuals leveraging the gig economy and explosion in freelance demand by giving a professional edge to the billing process.

Each document can be easily personalised, so it’s quick and simple to create an invoice that matches a fledging brand identity. User-friendly, freely downloadable across multiple devices and editable in Word, the invoice templates are backed with expert support and guidance across the site, via social media and through a regular newsletter.

Freenvoices is the brainchild of professional graphic designer, Hertzel Betito. An advocate for small businesses, Betito has grown his own brand over the course of the last decade. Freenvoices is an outlet for his creativity, and a chance to help those working to grow their small business, set their start-up on the path to success or carve out a freelance career.

He said, “With more than 10 years in the graphic design industry, I am fully aware of the demands of running a business. There are now more professional freelancers, self-employed workers and SMEs than ever before, so it seemed like the perfect time to launch. Invoices are the corner stone of any professional operation, whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or running a growing business, you’re almost guaranteed to find a stylish, professional invoice template that matches your needs on site and best of all – it’s totally free.”

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