New Game Discovery Engine Game Cupid Launches

New Game Discovery Engine Game Cupid Launches

An intrepid new games discovery engine has launched with a promise to help gamers find their perfect match in the form of similar video game experiences. Game Cupid pairs players looking for a cool new challenge with a carefully curated selection of games similar to those they already know and love.

For gamers who know they want to play something different but don’t know what, Game Cupid takes the hassle and disappointment out of trial and error. Gamers simply look up their existing favourite video games, and Game Cupid will provide tailored suggestions of alternative titles.

With more than 5000 games in its expansive database, each with a list of 38 other games similar to it, the discovery platform is a fun, helpful and personalised new way to uncover new games that may otherwise have flown under the player’s radar.

The smart platform is powered by – an ultra-powerful, intelligent video game recommendation engine. Megan Russell, Managing Director from Game Cupid said, “GameCupid is creating the most comprehensive, accurate lists for users to discover games that are similar to games they love playing. New suggestions are regularly added, making it an indispensable resource for anyone who likes to play video games or pass the time with mobile games while on the go.”

Game Cupid is supremely user-friendly – players can tell the search engine to show games like their favourite title or find similar games by genre.

Similar games are identified by analysing millions of ‘traits’ which form the game play experience such as story, the game world and game mechanics. GameCupid’s algorithm utilises this data provided by to create lists of similar games. This means it won’t discriminate against indie games or titles from a different category if the overall gaming experience is similar.

In the case of Minecraft for example, Game Cupid recommends action-packed adventure game Terraria, voxel-based exploration title CubeWorld and epic survival challenge, ARK.

The discovery engine also supports a number of mobile titles – so smartphone users bored of loading up Candy Crush on their daily commute can access a list of 38 other suggestions to brighten up their journey.

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